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Best Gyms in the Nashville Area!

At our 2 Athletic Club locations, we cater to your health and wellness! No matter your fitness level, whatever your age, you’ll find the equipment, amenities, and classes to get you moving, keep you motivated, and help you achieve your goals.

Are you looking for weight loss solutions? Our gyms have them. Do you want to improve your athletic performance? We can help. Need to bust through a plateau? We’ve got you covered. Our health clubs are ready and waiting to make sure you’re exercising in the most effective and efficient way; we hope you’re ready for results! Get started today at our locations in Franklin and Murfreesboro.

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The Athletic Clubs are full service fitness centers that offer a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment, programs, and services to keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals. Our philosophy is to provide clean, professionally managed facilities with friendly staff and all the support you need — all at an affordable price!We work hard to create a sense of community within the club by building relationships with, and between, members. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions with understanding and insight while giving you consistent feedback and support.

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Monday – Thursday: 5am – 11pm

Friday: 5am – 9pm

Saturday: 7am – 8pm

Sunday: 8am – 8pm